Can I Have A Phone Charger in My Hand Luggage?

Many travelers wonder if they can have a phone charger in their hand luggage.

They often wonder “can I have a phone charger in my hand luggage? “.

Yes, you can have a phone charger in your hand luggage. It is safe to have a mobile charger with you as long whether it’s a power bank or a wall charger.

However, a power bank has to never be put in the cargo luggage because it contains lithium batteries that will explode and cause a fire when they are put in the cargo luggage.

Types of phone chargers

There are 6 types of phone chargers. Regardless of their different designs, they all serve the same purpose which is to charge your phone. They are:

  • Wall chargers: These types of chargers are plugged directly into the wall to charge your phone directly.
  • USB chargers: A USB charger is found at the wall charger where it can easily be detached and attached again. It can be plugged into the car or any device such as a laptop that has the place for charging.
  • Car chargers: If you have a USB port in your car, you can easily use sync cables to charge your phone.
  • Powerbanks: They help keep your phone charged without using a stationary charger such as wall chargers. Being portable and having built-in batteries inside them, they can easily charge your phone. The only thing that you have to take care of is that the power banks are charged so they work again.
  • Wireless chargers: These types of chargers never need you to plug the phone. Simply, place your dog on top of the charging base to charge. Not all phones are compatible with these wireless chargers.
  • Multiport USB Chargers: If you have multiple devices that are low in power, you can use a multiport USB charger where you can charge a number of devices simultaneously.

People’s usage of phone chargers falls in any of the chargers mentioned above.

There is no bad or good charger, they do the same function which charges your phone but differs in how you use them.

The most common charger that is used on an airplane is the power banks.

Are power banks allowed in your hand luggage?

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Yes, power banks are also allowed in your hand luggage but they aren’t allowed in cargo luggage.

The reason that they aren’t allowed to be put in cargo luggage is that they have lithium batteries that can catch fire easily.

There are some instances where power banks caught fire either in the cargo or in hand luggage.

However, it is easier to eliminate the fire in the hand luggage rather in the cargo luggage through the fire extinguishers in the cabin.

If the fire is in the cargo luggage, it will spread all across the plane and there is a chance that it will react with something flammable causing a bigger fire and loss of people’s lives.

What kind of power banks are allowed in flights?

There are certain guidelines that you need to follow if you want to bring your power bank in your flight. Here are these guidelines:

  • Power banks must be carried for personal use.
  • They must be carried in the hand luggage and not in the cargo luggage.
  • If the rated power is less than 100 Wh, power banks can be carried without disapproval. However, power banks with the power between 100 Wh and 160 Wh need the approval of an air carrier.

These guidelines are very important to ensure the safety of you and all the other passengers.

But what exactly are the best power banks out there? You can know about the best power banks by checking Top Best 9 Power Banks For 2019’s Travelers!

What power banks size are restricted?

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, there is a restriction for lithium-ion batteries that are above 100-watt hours per battery.

Any batteries above that range can cause harmful effects.

Anything above this limit is restricted but can be preapproved by the airline.

Does a power bank need certain protections so you can fly safely?

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Some power banks come with a number of protections inside the batteries that prevent explosions.

However, if there is no protections that can prevent explosions, there are certain safety methods that you can take such as leaving it in its original retail packaging and covering the ports with tape.

These methods aren’t the most convenient and can be taken as the last resort when you have no other option.

How to charge your phone on an airplane?

Portable charger

A portable charger can really help you out when you need to charge your phone. You can charge it before a flight or at home before you leave.

When you do so, you can then plug your phone in the portable charger to charge. Your phone will be charged in no time.

Through your laptop

You can use your laptop as an outlet that will charge your phone.

Also, you have to be sure that you turn your phone on airplane mode so that it can charge faster and stop any programs that are running slowly on the background.

Wrong ways used when you charge your phone

1.) Charging your phone while using it

When you use your phone while it’s charging, it causes the battery to become overheated causing it to be reduced in its life expectancy.

2.) Letting your phone drop to zero before charging it

This is a very common mistake that happens all the time unintentionally.

It happens when you let your battery drop to zero which will shorten your battery’s life.

So, never allow your phone to drop to zero so that the battery life isn’t destroyed.

3.) Overcharging your phone

You may think that overcharging your phone doesn’t cause any problems; however, it does create a problem.

It causes the shortening of the battery’s life. Overcharging the battery causes the temperature to rise which affects its durability in the long run.

How to choose the right power bank on a plane and while traveling?

If you want to buy a power bank for flying, then there are some things that you have to consider when purchasing the power bank.


Many airplanes have restrictions about the amount of weight that is allowed in the hand luggage.

A power bank can be very heavy so it is important before you buy it that you know how much it weighs.

Also, if you want to be very sure after buying the power bank, you’ve got to weigh the baggage before you leave for the airport.


Get power banks with a maximum of 100 Wh so that you don’t have any trouble when passing through the airline approval.

You can easily know the capacity of a power bank by getting it while stating it has 100 Wh.


When packing your hand luggage, you need to know the exact size of the power bank so you can know if they will fit in easily.

You must choose the one that doesn’t take too much space and can fit nicely in your hand luggage.

Charging time

The charging time is important to know so you can know the amount of time that is needed for charging your device.

Look for power banks that recharge faster than others because they have faster input ports.

Device protection

It’s important to use a power bank that offers protection to your phone while it’s charging.

The kind of protection where it recognizes your phone when it is fully charged and stop charging once the battery reaches 100 %.

Through this effective charging, your phone’s battery is protected from overheating.


In conclusion, travelers can travel with a phone charger in their luggage.

Share your experience. Did you travel with a phone charger in your hand baggage before?

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