Does Carry-On Luggage Get Weighted?

Preparing the luggage for traveling is kind of a math equation, in order to get the right result, the traveler will need to pre-organize his items, plus avoiding any additional fees and this includes avoiding airline luggage fees by using the most of their carry-on luggage.

But does the carry-on luggage ever get weighted? Would anyone get in trouble if his hand-bag exceeded a certain weight?

On most occasions, carry-on luggage or hand-bags are not weighted, but to make sure you are on the safe side in case of any surprising weighing, make sure that your luggage is within the limit of the airline you booked your tickets in.

The common size used for a carry on luggage is 56 x 36 x 23 cm. The length includes everything; the handles, wheels and side pockets.

For the weight, usually, it ranges between 5 Kg to 12 Kg depending on the airline too.

To get the most accurate information about carry-on luggage specifications, it is recommended to check on the airline site so you know if you could get larger or smaller luggage than the one you intended.

Here is a table with some of the airlines’ cabin allowance for some of their flights;

traveling bag with a passport- carry-on luggage
AirlineAllowanceWeightDimensionsRelated Info.
Air LingusCabin bag+ a personal item10 Kg55x40x24 cm + 25x33x20 cm          –
Air FranceAcessory+ cabin bag12 Kg55x35x25 cm + 40x30x15 cm12 Kg for the two items combined
British AirwaysPersonal item+cabin bag23 Kg56x45x25 cm+40x30x15cmEach item could weight up to 23 kg
DeltaPersonal item+cabin bagUnspecified56x35x23 cmNo weight restriction+ dimensions go with both items
EasyJet1 Cabin bagUnspecified56x45x25 cmNo weight restriction
EmiratesCabin bag 7 Kg55x38x20 cm          –
Etihad AirwaysPersonal item + cabin bag7 kg + 5 Kg50x40x25 cm+ 40x30x15 cm          –
FlybePersonal item+ cabin bag10 Kg55x35x20 cm10 kg for both items combined and the dimensions go for both.
Jet2Personal item+ cabin bag10 kg56x45x25 cm          –
KLMPersonal item+ cabin bag 12 Kg55x35x25 cm + 40x30x15 cm12 Kg for both items combined
LufthansaPersonal item + cabin bag8 Kg55x40x23 cm          –
NorwegianPersonal item+  a Cabin bag 10 Kg55x40x23 cm + 25x33x20 cm10 Kg for both items combined
Qatar AirwaysCabin bag7 Kg50x37x25 cm          –
RyanairCabin bagUnspecified40x20x25 cmNo weight restriction
Thomas Cook AirlinesPersonal item+ cabin bag8 Kg55x40x20 cm + 40x30x10          –
TUI AirwaysCabin bag10 Kg55x40x20 cm          –
Turkish AirwaysCabin bag8 kg55x40x23 cm          –
Virgin AtlanticPersonal item+ cabin bag10Kg56x36x23 cm          –
Vueling AirlinesPersonal item+ cabin bag10 Kg55x40x20 cm + 35x20x20cm          –

This table will help you in estimating the weight and the dimensions your carry-on luggage should be at for many airlines, no one wants to get a fine for trespassing any rules, so make sure to look carefully in this table.

What to consider for the carry-on luggage weight?

bags-carry-on luggage

As i said before, the range of the carry-on luggage is between 5 to 12 kg, mostly in places like Australia and Asia, the carry-on luggage is different that they are limited to 7 kg.

This may be a concern for travelers especially those who pack a lot of things for every trip.

After subtracting some of the essentials like the camera, laptop, and the weight of the bag itself the weight left for other items is limited, which leaves very limited space for other things.

Most of the people traveling will get their cabin bag to be around 9 kg which is considered much for many airlines, but as it was said before, it is rarely for the cabin luggage to be weighted, so all that you have to do is to keep your bags off the scale.

It is not a hard thing to do, you won’t need to draw attention to your bags by making them looks stuffed and bulky, also don’t choose a bag that looks big.

If your bag is big and bulky, it is more prone to be weighed as its shape is screaming “I’m loaded” and that’s the opposite of what you will need to get away with your luggage.

Also, using a backpack is a very good idea, it looks lighter( it’s actually is) and wouldn’t draw attention to you.

Backpacks tend to be lighter than suitcases that’s why they would be an ideal choice for being carry-on luggage especially if it is the only bag you are having with you.

Your only luggage or not, here are some tips for avoiding the weighing of your carry-on bags;

Personal Item Privilege:

If the airline you are traveling with provides you with the option of taking a personal item don’t waste the chance of using it wisely.

If your bag was weighted, you could get your laptop, camera or anything with a valuable weight out of the bag in your hands until the weighing is ended and then put this item in the bag again.

Wear some of the weight!

it may sound weird but wearing your heaviest clothes and shoes on the plane while traveling would be a great help if you are traveling to a cold place.

I would never recommend the famous ” wear as much as you can to the plane” unless you are traveling to Siberia, because this may the only place you could handle such a number of garments on!

Keep It Neat:

you will need to keep your bag nicely packed and does not resemble a bulky loaded one.

black bag, shoes and a coat-carry-on luggage

Organize and compress your garments by using compression bags or packing cubes for reducing the size of your bag and make it looks smaller.

One bag Theory:

Traveling with only one bag will make it less likely for your bag to be weighed. Having only one bag would be less observable and thus, drawing less attention to yourself.

Two passengers, one with three bags and the other is with a backpack, which one do you think will be more prone to be weighted?

The magic of filling your pockets

with strict airlines, you will need to use more of IQ to get to what you want. Using every space to fill it with stuff is ideal in those situations when you are faced with a firm airline.

Try to fill your pockets with a lot of your heavy small things to avoid putting them in the bag, choose clothes that would be suitable for this role a jacket with a lot of pockets is your ideal choice for that.

You might don’t believe it, but you could fill your pocket with more than 5 kilos of items!

Filling a jacket or a cargo pants pockets may not be the main plan for travelers, but just keep it in mind you might use it someday.

Check-in Online

The check-in desk is where your bag will mostly be weighed, so avoiding to stop at the checking desk would be one of the tricks that may let you get away with an over-weigh bag.

Checking online and going straight to the security would guarantee this to you, look for an internet cafe and print the boarding pass before the flight.

You could save a copy of the pass on your phone (if the airline allows that) and save yourself from the trouble of going to an internet cafe.

Now you know everything about carry-on bags, if they are weighted, how to organize it and tricks to save yourself from any hindrances that may bother your trip.

Start packing with no worries now and have a nice and safe trip!

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