Where to backpack in France: The Top 6 Places

France, a beautiful country to visit, is known for its beautiful architectures, landscapes, cities, and artwork. Not only can you enjoy traveling to France, but now you can also backpack in France and enjoy the experience.

Backpacking in France is a wonderful experience if you do it right. There are some things that you must take into consideration before backpacking in France.

There are also places that you could visit that will definitely make it an adventure and great experience.

Here are the considerations that you should take into your mind when planning your backpacking in France and the list of the top 6 places to backpack in France.

Best time to travel to France

The best times to travel to France is in Spring particularly from April to June where the temperatures are warm enough to have a good time.

Another good time to travel to France is in the Autumn or Fall where the cool weather can actually be a suitable time to go backpacking.

In Spring and Fall, the cities are less crowded so travelers will get to enjoy there time there.

How much does backpacking in France cost?

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You could backpack for as little as $30 dollars a day if you are in a budget.

Backpacking in Europe, in general, more expensive than other areas. France is no exception; you get to spend a lot of money.

To save up costs while backpacking, you could also couchsurf and hitchhike as much as possible where you will be able to save lots of money.

You could also save a lot by having a tent and sleeping bag as a place to sleep and stay in during your journey.

Money in France

France’s currency is the Euro. The country has ATM cash machines available throughout the country so you can easily get money.

However, if you want to have an easy way of getting things, then it is best to carry money with you in your pockets. You have to have the extra money in your pocket always so you can easily spend it.

What to pack for France’s backpacking?

For an effective backpacking, you have to have these things:

  • Maps and a guidebook to see where you are headed and know which roads to take and which you shouldn’t.
  • Gloves to keep you warm and protect your hands.
  • A first-aid kit for self-care and for helping you get healed if you are hurt.
  • A flashlight so you can explore the streets and roads easily at night.
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen provide protection against sunlight.
  • Water bottles to keep you hydrated and fresh.
  • You have to bring with you Lightweight tents as there are a lot of camping sites in France where you can camp in.
  • You have to also bring utensils, food supplies, and drink supplies so you can save as much as possible and have these supplies with you.

You also have the option to have travel insurance throughout your trip so you can cover any lost luggage, trip cancelation, and medical expenses.

Even though you will pay an amount of money, it is best if you want to have a safe and problem-free trip.

if you want to save money, you could compare among different insurance companies so that you get the best deals at the low costs.

Top 6 places to backpack in France

You can backpack through different routes in your backpacking in France. There are many routes and places that you can walk to that offer you the ultimate fun and adventure that you are looking for.

1.) Paris and the Loire Valley

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Paris, the City of Light, is famous for its architecture especially its Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower ranks high in the places to visit while in France and is a very popular tourist site.

You can also visit the Louvre, one of France’s top museums, and enjoy looking at more than 30,000 artworks ranging from sculptors, paintings, to Renaissance art and European masterpieces.

Paris is also famous for its Notre Dame Cathedral where you get to see sculptures and the decorative design of this beautiful Cathedral. You also get to see a gallery of the famous 21 kings who lost their heads during the revolution.

To fully enjoy your time in Paris, you have to take a boat cruise along the Seine River where you get to look at the mesmerizing Eiffel Tower, Louvre, and Notre Dame Cathedral from outside while enjoying a trip in the cruise.

If you are into nature, you could definitely visit Luxembourg Gardens which is one of the best parks in Paris that has a beautiful fountain and palace to visit.

You could also visit the Loire Valley which lies south of Paris. The valley has so much beautiful scenery such as castles, wineries, and a mesmerizing natural highway that will surely make you feel relaxed in nature’s beauty.

The best way to go to a Loire Valley is through a bicycle or a camper van so you can easily get there and avoid the crowdedness of the place.

Still, it is best to have a bicycle so you can easily navigate where to go too and how long you stay at the Lorie Valley.

2.) The South of France

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It has a region known as the Provence in which there are Lavender fields, villages, hidden bays, and resorts that you can enjoy your time in.

Even though it is still relatively expensive to stay in resorts, you can save up money by camping.

Another area in the south of France to visit is the Cote d’Azur which is a city where Italian and French people’s culture meat; it is also home to many beautiful beaches.

A very nice place to go too so you can relax and mingle with other people from different cultures.

3.) The French Alps

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The Alps region in France is home to the mesmerizing scenery in Europe. Inside the French Alps, there lies Chamonix, an internationally known resort area, which is famous for skiing and mountaineering.

Many travelers also come to enjoy many outdoor activities such as hiking, golf, and mountain biking.

Chamonix also has the highest mountain in the French Alps, Mont Blac. It is covered in snow all year long, even in summer so lots of people enjoy skiing there.

You could also visit the lively yet serene city called Annecy which has a medieval atmosphere with its buildings and cobblestone streets.

The city is home to a very interactive and lively street called Rue Sainte-Claire which is home to many shops and high-quality restaurants making it a very fruitful and happy experience to travelers and people.

You could also explore two famous historical churches in Annecy which are the Church of Saint-Maurice and Cathedral of Saint-Pierre so you could have the full backpacking experience.

4.) The Pyrenees Mountains

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The Pyrenees Mountains are the natural border between Spain and France; the whole region stretches from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic coast.

There are villages, hiking trails, and a few cities at the end of the mountain that you could go to visit.

You can go to the Cirque de Gavarnie, a circular ring of mountains that enclose the valley, where you can enjoy lots of hiking and mountain climbing there while backpacking.

You can also visit a sacred church named the Lourdes where many people go to perform pilgrims in the church. If not for religious reasons, you can go and have a look at the historical church from the inside.

Another site to see is the Mas d’Azil, a prehistoric cave, where you can enter either through the long driving road or through a guided tour which features geology presentations and prehistoric drawings.

Also, in the Mas d’Azil is a museum called Musée de la Préhistoire where you can look at ancient artwork, paintings, and artifacts.

The journey wouldn’t be fun without going to the Font Romeu which is an area that is very popular among travelers in either summer or winter seasons; it is popular in the summer for outdoor activities while in the winter for skiing.

The area has lots of forests perfect for long hikes and walks and many different hotels and camping sites for you to stay. While the Font Romeu Ski Resort is famous for helping you ski.

5.) Hossegor

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Hossegor is a very famous place in the world where it is the main hub of surfing in Europe. It has a beach that stretches for a very long length where many surfing activities can happen.

So if you enjoy surfing in your free time, Hossegor is the perfect place for you. It has many beaches such as La Sud and La Nord. There are numerous surf shops where you can visit to maintain your surfboard.

It is also easily accessible through bike or by walking; you can easily be near your hotel, campsite, and beach in minutes.

There are also french bakeries where you get to enjoy french food such as chocolate croissants and ice cream.

There are events and festivals for surfing where there are music and surfing competitions.

Not only is it one of the best surfing area in the world, but also it lies within a forest and is only an hour away from the Pyrenees Mountains. So naturally, it has beautiful scenery to rest and camp in.

This is the reason that it attracts travelers, campers, and backpackers to the area.

6.) Le Pont Du Gard

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Built by Romans, Le Pont Du Gard is an aqueduct, that was built to supply water in France. For its incredible design, it has been recognized as a World Heritage since 1985.

It is a very attractive travelers site with more than a million visitors per year. Popular among cyclists, hikers, and swimmers, you will surely enjoy your time there.

As for activities to do, you can book a tour guide for cultural activities around the monument such as learning about the Roman civilization, construction techniques, and agriculture.

It is open to the public all year long so it won’t cost anything saving you a lot of money.

Can you backpack with others instead of doing it alone?

Yes, you definitely can backpack with others if you want too. You can join the G Adventures France trips where you can backpack in groups while being guided by a local.

Especially if it is your first time backpacking, you won’t be alone and you will enjoy the fun of mingling and being at the company of others.

Tips for backpacking on a budget in France

1.) Use bicycle more

Get a bicycle and use it to get to places. This is very useful in really small and compact towns where you can go anywhere using your bike.

There are some hostels who have their own biking services and there are other places where you can rent bicycles for a time.

Basically, biking saves you a lot of money and lets you enjoy the beauty of the places that you are going too.

2.) Use public transportation

You could also use the trains and metros in France that are very affordable and low in cost.

This will definitely help you save money and spend it on other things that you want to enjoy such as cultural activities that you want to participate in.

3.) Eat low cost but delicious food

In France, food ranges from fast food to delicious mouth-watering dishes that are very high in prices; you get to choose which type of food to eat.

Even though you can choose food that is low in price, it is still delicious. The best place to get these types of food is in local markets.

Local markets offer different kinds of meats, cheese, and many other kinds of food that you will enjoy.


Backpacking in France requires careful planning and consideration when planning which places to visit, the cost, and which times are best for traveling.

The best places to backpack in France are those that are easy to walk and hike in. It is the places that offer a fascination with the culture, activities, history, and people.

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Share your experience with us. Have you ever done backpacking in France? What was the experience like?

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